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Shop Microscope


Shop Microscope is used for precision measurement, Inspection and quality control in Engineering, Electronics Textile, CPT, Printing, metallurgy. It is equipped with a dual scale reticle graduated in millimeters.
A turn of the eyepiece brings the reticle into sharp focus and the objects can be focused sharply with the help of rack-pinion focusing knobs. The eyepiece reticle can also be rotated through 360° to align it with the job. An adjustable LED illuminator operated on battery is also provided. The base has opening at the bottom for object manipulation.

• Choice of reticule
• The eyepiece reticle can be rotated through 360°.
• Rack and pinion focussing.
• Battery operated pen light illuminator.

Model ROM-40 ROM-60 ROM-100
Magnification 40x 60x 100x
Work distance 24mm 20mm 6mm
Field of View 4.00mm 3.0mm 1.8mm
Least count 0.02mm 0.02mm 0.01mm

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